Vibrational Wellenss
Consultations & Workshops
Thank you Denie! Last night was the first time I didn't wake up from pain when I rolled on my side!" Sherri, California
"Denie, thank you for your healing energy...what a difference!!! I feel so much better I don't even know how to explain it. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart." Andrea, Los Angeles


"Thank you Denie! We are now the proud parents of a beautiful little girl. I was told I would never be able to have children. I tried every possible medical route with no success. The gift certificate my sister gave me to see you changed my life more than I could possibly have imagined! Thank you so much!" Michelle, New Zealand.

"I have had to have blood transfusions monthly for as long as I can remember. The Doctors couldn't work out what was wrong with me. After one magical session with Denie in Canada I went back for my monthly blood work and they couldn't find anything wrong with me! I'm amazed!" Chris, Canada.

"There is a saying:  When you are ready the teacher will appear. The best teacher will bring everything out of you, the best and the worst. He will push all your buttons, all your issues will surface. Only when you are willing to see all you are, you become aware. I was more than ready when Denie appeared in my life. I was burned out from work and my intuitive abilities were creating chaos. In short I was in dire straight. The first workshop I attended was life changing. During the follow ups Denie showed me how to live my truth. Shelley showed me the joy of life, the sparkle we need to lighten up. They not only give you information you might need but foremost their work is truly transformational. This road, I know will be forever evolving.

I finally found my path. I have now established my own small retreat center. People can come and stay with us, to slow down, to experience peace and quiet, to understand who they are, how to become also more aware. To experience silence is to find grace. Denie and Shelley for sure taught me to believe in myself and that way I gained the confidence and self esteem I needed. They taught me how to fly. Thank you from all of my heart." Karin, New Zealand.

"Dear Denie and Shelley. I wanted to write and thank you both for the wonderful 5 days in Nelson. I feel absolutely BLESSED. Sure the wheelbarrow full of wet leaves has tried already to steal some of my blessedness, but I have a new, calm, strong sense of love for myself and that is SO powerful. My Mum left yesterday and we had an emotional goodbye as we always do, but the time we have shared together this time has been even more precious than usual largely because of the time we spent with you guys.

My Mum has flown back to England with a twinkle in her eye. She threw away her very boring navy blue swimsuit whilst she was here (with some gusto in my bin I might add) and was adoring her fabulous 57 year old body with a nice strapless pink flowery bikini (far more appropriate I think!). I have a HUGE respect with the work you are doing, it seems so subtle the way we slowly evolve on the course, I was surprised at the end when I realized how good I felt, thought it would be MUCH harder!

The mix of global awareness, science, nutrition, dance, fun, emotional stuff, movement, etc. etc. was just a joy to be part of! I will be back in November. Can't wait to continue with the next course!

Thank you for showing me how to love myself and step into my own power. You guys ROCK!"

Ellie, Nelson, New Zealand

"Denie/Shelley. The work you do is priceless. It is beyond valuation. How can anyone put a price on returning people to their soul? Words seem so inadequate. Pure succulent joy weaves through my every day and each moment is lived in conscious savoring. It's in the small things, like my 5 year old son and me spinning around on our naked asses on a wet bathroom floor shrieking with laughter. It's in the bigger things like having the courage to lead a gorgeous goddess retreat for women and move forward into my power, my wholeness, my unique and special gifts and share them gladly and fully with the world. On the VB001 week retreat a mountainous hard-drive of past crap and pain just got bazookaed out the way with a subtle, finely judged finality. It still feels magical to be free of it. Thank you! I love you guys for who you are and what you do; truly, madly, deeply, passionately"

Alexandra, Nelson, New Zealand

"Denie and Shelley’s Self-development and Awareness trainings have had a huge impact on my life. My journey of transformation started in 2001 when I attended my first VB001 course. The safe environment and unconditional support allowed me to let go of old belief systems and hold-on emotions; to totally accept and love myself for who I am.

Over the last 9 years I also attended VB002 and VB003 trainings and have repeated them all several times. Their work is so unique and gave me the tools to work with, to dig deeper, learn more about myself and open up to experience all of who I am. The growing awareness, acceptance and deeper knowledge gave me the confidence in my own clinical practice.
Denie’s endless enthusiasm to get his message across is truly admirable. His passion and commitment to “his” journey and his work are such an inspiration for me. Shelley’s vibrant and passionate energy and her knowledge about the healing release of dance and music is such a great contribution to the courses and feeds my soul and passion for dance and music.

At least twice a year during the past 7 years, Denie has been traveling to New Zealand to do his healing sessions at my clinic in Christchurch. It has been a privilege to work with him, witness his amazing healing work and learn more about his nutritional advice.
I have been using his fabulous skin products from the first batch he produced and I have never used any other products since. My skin has improved so much and at least I don’t have to overload my body with toxic chemicals. The feedback from my clients has been: “Once you start using the EB skin products, you never want to use anything else anymore!”
Denie’s books are also a “must” to read. I have been translating “Back to Life” into Dutch (Yes Denie, almost finished) and it is an awesome exercise. It is like joining him on that journey and experiencing all the emotions, inner conflicts, challenges and the endless questions. The more you read it, the deeper the understanding.
I sincerely hope that this documentary will open new doors and reach even more people and will give you the rewards you both so deserve for all the work you’ve done.
With all my love,"
Ineke Bökkerink
Sumner/Redcliffs Natural Therapy
Christchurch; New Zealand
"I was scheduled to go in for a knee replacement but after one session with Denie I cancelled the operation and booked in for a massage instead. the day after my session I went climbing up the hill in my back yard and spent all afternoon gardening and every other muscle in my body is now aching except my knee!!!!" Rudi, Colorado.

"I was very skeptical. I had been bed ridden for months and the doctors couldn't work out what the problem was. After one session with Denie I was able to get up off my bed and walk! I had an electrical short circuit due to an accident at work where I fell off a truck and landed on my cocyx. Denie, being the Body Electrician, was able to fix the short circuit so the energy could flow again down my legs! Thank you so much!" David, New Zealand.

"I feel Oprah shoudl devote an entire show to Denie and Shelley's program "Energy Awarness". Denie was an electrical engineer, then a dairy farmer, and now a most gifted healer. During his life he has kept his eyes and heart wide open to every experience and has combined his knowledge of science (electricity, nutrition) to understand the powerful laws of the universe. His head fought this calling for years but his heart finally won out. Shelley is a dancer with an intuitive and profound understanding of global music and its affect on our energy centers or chakras, and cells. She embodies, and shows us how to embody, increased vibrational frequencies so that we may evolve faster and enjoy life more fully and completely.

Combined, Denie and Shelley have the most profound program which combines Denie's knowledge of the electrical nature of the universe (science) with it's physical and spiritual implications for us. All of this knowledge and wisdom comes at a time when he planets are aligning, the electrical forces in our universe are polarizing and we have the best opportunity to evolve faster and higher than ever before.

Before attending this course, I knew much of this information. Hearing it again from Denie reconfirmed everything I had learned. But that was all in my head. The power of this course is that it connects the head with the spirit and the body. Shelley's dance and movement brings the natural laws of the universe into our bodies and changes us forever. It is the complete package.

During the course I was able to FEEL the wisdom and knowledge of the universe and become one with it. Since taking the course, my own work has been far more powerful, I find people on the street are drawn to me with twinkling eyes, and at 45 I have more energy and stamina than my teenage children! I approach life with confidence and assurance. Problems become insignificant. Joy is everywhere. I was a tough sell. I am skeptical of gurus and followers. I am a well educated educator and business person who reads voraciously. I do not waste my time on things that do not matter."
Canadian Participant.

Ineke’s Poem:
Honorr to all the Light workers.
The journey that I have chosen
Has no options for delay.
I don’t know where it will take me
But trust that I’m guided all the way.
My life has been full of illusions
They have been my chains for years
But now that the veils have slowly lifted.
I can see the Light through my tears.
Oh, would it not be easier,
Just to tell me where to start.
To give me a map of directions
and the key to open my heart.
The hardest thing I’ve ever done,
Is not, to climb a hill,
But waiting open and peacefully,
simply, to be still.
Still doesn’t have a sound or movement,
It’s more a state of bliss,
being still, prepares me for something,
I otherwise might miss.
I had to take this journey,
Of contemplation and reflection,
To discover that all I have been waiting for
is, to come home, my Soul’s connection.
I would like to honor each of you
for playing an important role.
Each teaching me in different ways,
So my honor goes to every single soul.

We each hold a piece of the puzzle,
Brought together to create the “whole”,
Each important for their participation,
Each a wonderful, loving soul.

Denie and Shelley, words can never express my gratitude,
For your enthusiasm and patience over the years,
For the wisdom and loving guidance
To open my heart and release my fears.
With love always, Ineke