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Private One-on-One Health Consultations with Denie Hiestand.

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Denie is a world authority on Vibrational Wellness. He tunes in at a very deep cellular level and can assist you in recovering from operations, accidents, injuries and most disease states.

Consultations are $250. Payment can be made with cash, check, or via Paypal.
Consultation with Denie Hiestand
Denie is also available in New Zealand, Switzerland and Germany by appointment only.
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In Switzerland, one of our graduates, Marianne Camenzind, has a healing practice.
Please visit her website: or call: +41413970017
Denie Hiestand Shala Mata
Written by Shala Mata:

Denie has been practicing Vibrational Wellness for over 30 years and has thousands of clients spanning over this time.  He is an internationally published author on health and wellness, has spoken or appeared on many TV and Radio shows, given hundreds of one-day health and nutrition seminars and has founded and is Dean of the International Institute of Vibrational Wellness.  For over 20 years, he has taught 3-week long energy science and personal growth courses worldwide, often attended by many doctors, research scientists and bio-physicists, as well as countless healers to expand their knowledge of the human potential.
The term “healer” is one I personally dislike as it lumps all levels of human support into one collective.  In truth, there are no “healers’ per se but energy facilitators that through a deep mastery of energy beyond the realms of this dimension - can awaken the healer of the individual they connect with.  This requires a skill and energy integrity that will allow higher dimensional frequency and vibration (spiritual light) to run through them for the benefit of another. 
I have worked with energy and facilitated the healing of others for over 25 years.  I have worked with many masters, teachers, and “healers” over the years.  The level of skill that Denie has and the pure heart integrity he brings to each session is unprecedented.  I have for many years had to ability to “see” energy in and around the body.  I have never seen anyone work within the human cellular and electrical construct the way Denie does. His intimate knowledge of anatomy, structure, and body systems grants him the freedom to merge deeply into the very cells of the body – literally flooding them with power to turn on and operate as designed.  His knowledge in the rebuilding of the cellular structure through the understanding of the body's electrical circuitry is unique and unprecedented. He is truly the "Body Electrician." 
He is a passionate, highly trained professional with a vast knowledge in the electrical workings of the body.  He has worked with several professional sports teams, race car drivers and his working with women and cancer was the catalyst to create a healthy skincare line called theCream.  
He is flown world-wide on a daily retainer of US$1,000 plus hotel and airfares, to put people's bodies back together.  His referrals from Doctors and other health professionals are ongoing in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and New Zealand.  Dr. Vizzard in Seattle, Washington, formerly head of the Oregon Pain Institute has referred many hundreds of clients to Denie. A well-known clinic in Brunen, Switzerland, has called on Denie's expertise for clients with liver failure, and Doctor Keith Mumby, a former Harley Street specialist, has referred many of his most difficult clients to Denie with amazing success.
Denie charges $250 for his healing work (in the equivalent currency of whichever country he is in). He is very humble when it comes to this side of his life – I know I have worked with him in a clinic setting for many years.  The number of times I have seen him stay with a client for two hours and charge half his fee is a common occurrence.  He knows he could charge more but is always aware that most people who are ill or wishing to create a better health profile aren’t generally wealthy.
I feel very strongly and maybe a little protective of someone who is so gifted and puts so much effort into helping people.  The demand for his work in Canada is growing as more and more realize the depth of his skill, knowledge and ability to cut to heart of what is or isn’t working in a body.  I have personally worked beside him in sessions for several years and watched as the energy he channels literally change the electrical resonance of the cells.
He is quiet and humble about his ability, choosing to let the results speak for themselves.  He is the first to tell someone if he can’t help them, and not charge a session fee.  Something that is a rarity in these times.
Denie inspires me when I see his dedication to humanity and for the thousands of people he has given life and health too.  He gives and gives and gives yet he never puts himself out as anything great, as anything special.
His understanding and work with the electrical matrix of all life, has in the last few years been channeled into creating theCream.  This was a soul-driven mission to predominantly give women a life-giving compound for their skin, to stop the massive and untenable destruction of women through breast cancer, not to mention infertility problems caused by modern skin creams.  
His quaint saying “I’m just a kiwi farm boy” is the one thing I know him to say that is NOT accurate.  He is so much more, and I feel very honored to have the opportunity to work with him at this time.
Shala Mata
CFO The Human Experience LLC
Energy Worker