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Energy Awareness 5 day Intensive

5 days with Vibrational Wellness Energy Master Denie Hiestand, and his partner Dr Shelley. 

Originally from New Zealand, they have been teaching health & awareness workshops for more than 25 years around the world. 

Denie is a master Energy healer who has worked with thousands of people. He has a profound ability to explain complex scientific and energy concepts in simple easy to understand terms. 

Shelley has a PhD specializing in human sexuality and a passion for music and movement. 

Together they take you on an experiential, transformative journey into your cells, your energy fields and our universe. 

Each group is different depending on who attends. This workshop will appeal to those already on the path who want to expand their consciousness and ability to embody energy and become a vehicle for personal and transpersonal healing on an individual and world level. You will leave with a toolbox full of skills and techniques you can use on a daily basis and in your communities. 

Ray Speth, who is coordinating this seminar, attended his first workshop with Denie & Shelley 20 years ago. He has been integrating what he learned then and continues to learn and is an amazing networker connecting like-minded, conscious individuals. He asked Denie to come out of early retirement from teaching, to do one more workshop at his retreat center in Flagstaff, AZ this fall. 

A residential, small group, live-in, intensive this will be a full on immersion into energy, health and wellness. The workshop will start on Sunday evening and finish Friday lunchtime. This gives participants time to travel to the workshop and to integrate after the workshop. 

Dates: September 30 - October 5, 2018.

Book now! Space is limited. Contact Ray Speth: 602.684.3615 or 

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Letter from Founder

Dear Seekers,

We are excited to have created a world class school of learning that will assist you on your path of awareness, so you may grow spiritually and emotionally to achieve everything that you are.

The purpose of the school is to assist you in attaining your own healing and self-mastery, so you can become that totally powerful, loving and free being that you are, and with that help humanity. At the same time, you will be introduced to one of the most advanced methods of healing currently available on the planet, that of Vibrational Wellness.

This will take your knowledge from a basic understanding of the body's electromagnetic energy circuits, to your connection with the unseen world beyond, and culminating with total mastery of your emotions and releasing all your limitations.

These intensives (trainings) are very powerful gatherings which seek the unfolding of the highest in each of us. The message is clear: "The Time is Now" to fully understand, realize and live the truth of who you are, without fear, dogma or restriction of your expression in any way.

Each intensive will be unique because people come with their own unique desires and levels of willingness to learn, stretch, and go beyond.

The entire focus of the teachings will be for you to find and  express your own Empowerment, Freedom and Truth. You will be introduced to beliefs and understandings from many cultures and societies, ancient and modern, from this earth and beyond, so you can develop your own perceptions, realities and truths.

These trainings are very powerful, life changing, heart opening experiences. This is the Mastership School and has profound effects on all who avail themselves of it.

"Everything is energy. Energy is everything. Once you learn to master energy, you can be the master of everything: Life, Love, Wealth and Health."

Denie Hiestand


The International Institute of Vibrational Wellness offers experiential in-depth learning intensives at the highest level. These advanced courses include the full spectrum of leading edge discoveries in    Vibrational Wellness, Energy Awareness,  Emotional/Mental Mastership, Sexuality, Personal Relationships, Movement & Music, Kinesiology, Nutritional Training and Energy Mastership.

The Institute's courses are taught all around the world, mostly in  America, Canada, Switzerland and New Zealand. Contact the Institute to find out when the trainings will be available in your area or if you would like to host one let us know.  An updated schedule of trainings, healing sessions and public presentations can be found on our website:

The purpose of these very powerful transformational processes are to assist you in attaining your own healing and self-mastery, so you can become all that you are and with that help humanity.

Course Outline:

This experience is only for those who are ready.

The Institute brings together the leading knowledge from our sciences, quantum physics, electrical biology, and vibrational wellness, tying it together with the esoteric knowledge and experiential reality that is the basis of the secret teachings handed down through the ages. Formulated into the package is a completeness which enables you to manifest ALL of who you are, bringing it together with the most incredible heart opening experience.

The ultimate adventure in self-development consciousness and enlightenment. You may feel you are stepping into the great unknown which is a normal feeling signifying your soul's desire to fulfill its purpose in this life. We repeat, are you ready?

VB001 - Energy Awareness - VALUE:
  • Activate the heart center to increase energy flow and assist the healing of self & others.
  • Discover a new electrical understanding of the chakras (energy centers).
  • Become masters of your energy communications and transmissions.
  • Ancient esoteric knowledge made understandable for modern living-the bigger picture.
  • How to be spiritual in a physical existence.
  • Learn tangible tools for integrating expanded awareness & consciousness into daily life.
  • The importance of movement & music-the physical aspects of enlightenment.

The first half of the Energy Awareness trainings offers the logical understanding of Vibrational Wellness and Electrical Nutrition integrated with exercises to help physicalize the knowledge. The 2nd half of the training is totally experiential, opening you up to ALL of who you are.

VB002: Emotional Mental Mastership

Prerequisite VB001.

The focus is on preparing the physical body for the energy influx that will result from the heart opening, soul merge, and ascension process at the culmination of these seven days. Therefore the days are extended to incorporate intense physical movement in the mornings and practical sessions in the evenings.

We prepare the body, mind and soul to the highest vibratory rate possible during this training by clearing, re-patterning and energizing the cellular structure. You will learn the process of letting go traumatic frequencies and experiences from lifetimes of emotional reactivity through the concepts of Vibrational Wellness and not old and ineffective emotional release techniques. Emotional Mental Mastership from a different level of thinking.

VB003: Energy Kinesiology

Prerequisite VB001 & VB002.

This 70 hour training uses the basis of Touch for Health Kinesiology enhanced with Energy Healing and Vibrational Wellness. Taking Kinesiology from a purely kinetic response "modality" and elevating it to a key component in an exceptional healing art that is Vibrational Wellness.

You will become competent in practical, hands-on advanced healing techniques. Your understanding will be based on the fullness of the electrical body.
This program enhances your personal self development as well as your healing profession and will join you with an elite international community of Vibrational Wellness Practitioners.

A unique package taught only by the IIVW. Having completed VB001, VB002, & VB003 you will receive the Vibrational Wellness Practitioner's Certificate.

Sexuality Workshops with Dr. Shelley and Denie Hiestand

Sexuality 101: An introduction to sexual intimacy, sex for health and sexual well-being. A great course for people wanting to explore sexuality incorporating nutritional advice for increasing sexual desire, balancing hormones, and achieving optimal weight; body image enhancement exercises; sensual touch and sensate focus; playfulness; sensuality; interactive activities and a fun evening of eroticism. Friday 7:00pm - 10:00pm. Saturday 10:00am - midnight. Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm.

Advanced Sexuality (VB004): An advanced practicum for participants already comfortable in their bodies and with their sexuality who want to explore sacred sexuality; sensual and healing bodywork techniques; pleasuring techniques; open and honest communication; and other sexually intimate group activities. Saturday 10:00am - 10:00pm. Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm.


The objectives of the International Institute of Vibrational Wellness are:

  • To bring participants to a point of consciousness that will allow them to know and experience the fullest expression of the power, gloriousness and greatness they are.
  • To bring participants to a point of consciousness that allows them to be free of any dogma, limiting belief structures or inhibitions.
  • To show women that they are allowed, and in fact, should and can, take back their power and self-worth and that they have a right to be all that they are, including being powerful, outrageous, and free.
  • To show men that they can honor their maleness, and at the same time, let go of their ego based domination, control and emotional reactivity. To show them that they can open their hearts, learn to feel, to unconditionally love, to increase their power and self-worth with full expression and honor.
  • To bring participants to a point of consciousness so that they can live this life without any limitations (mentally, physically, and expressively) and in a state of total joy, bliss and honor. "I am free, free to be, totally me."
  • To create an awareness and a comprehensive understanding of how to maintain their own and/or their family/clients' health and happiness by using their knowledge of the body's electrical system with a full understanding of Vibrational Wellness.
  • A further objective for those who desire to continue their training in the Vibrational Wellness Practitioner Program, is to ensure participants are highly trained, fully informed, capable and professional practitioners of Vibrational Wellness - the Health Care of the future.
  • Or to enter the Personal Growth Program to pursue their further development in personal growth, tantra, sexuality, relationships and personal freedoms and expression to fully live life without limits.

The International Institute of Vibrational Wellness, so you can be, "Free to Be, Totally Me."


VB001 Energy Awareness is $1500.00. 

VB001 is a five day training and a very intensive learning process - only for those who are ready to go to the next level.

VB002 Emotional Mental Mastership/Soul Merge is a week long intensive and costs $1,950.00. 

VB003 Energy Kinesiology is a five day intensive and costs $1,500.00.

Sexuality 101 and the Advanced Sexuality Workshop (VB004) are weekend intensives. Saturday 10:00am - 10:00pm, Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm. Cost is $500.00/weekend. Tuition does not include accommodation or meals.

The International Institute of Vibrational Wellness price structure is subject to change without notice - please contact the Institute.
For more information please email:


Payment Policy:
  • As we have to plan international travel and book the venue well in advance we ask for full payment at time of registration.
  • Once we have ten fully paid registrations they the travel and venue will be booked and the training will go ahead.
  • We have a minimum of 10 people and maximum of 20 people per training.
  • Payment will be fully refunded if for some reason the Institute has to cancel the school.
  • Please contact us for payment options. We accept Visa/Mastercard or can arrange a direct transfer if you are located in New Zealand. 
  • Please contact the Institute to confirm the most updated mailing address.