Vibrational Wellness
written by Denie & Shelley Hiestand.

A fascinating insight into how the food we eat, the water we drink and the thoughts we have all affect us electrically and what we can do to increase our energy, libido, lose weight, and be healthy.
written by Denie Hiestand.

His true life story about the struggle between ego and spirit and journey from farmboy from downunder to world renown energy healer and teacher.

Profound in it's honesty this book is the inspiration for a documentary being filmed about Denie and his life.

See: Journey-to-Truth-Documentary
Anti-Aging & Health 
Benefits of Sex

Written by Dr. Shelley

Based on her Doctoral Dissertation.

Addressing the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual health benefits of sex.

Incorporating scientific research and studies on the anti-aging benefits of sex too.
A little book of wisdom, by Denie Hiesatnd
A compilation of published articles by Denie Hiestand.

Uncommon common sense.

Not afraid to call a spade a spade, Denie Hiestand, tells it how it is and addresses controversial topics such as cancer, infertility, the dangers of sunscreens, global warming and more…

NEW BOOK BY DENIE HIESTAND - Healthy Beauty, Ageless Beauty